Time Tracking Application

License Agreement



Vendor, developer: The owner of misronet.info and misronet.com domain names shall be referred to as Vendor
Client: The subscriber, who purchases the license, regardless of whether he/she will run the Administrator version or the member version on his/her P.C.
The Application: The two programs; the one to be installed on an Administrator P.C and the program to be installed on the group members P.C.'s shall be referred to as The Application.


User License Grant:
The "Vendor" grants to the "Client" a nonexclusive and nontransferable license to use the Application in the code produced by a compiler from the source code: (i) A single Administrator version to be installed in a single location on a hard disk or other storage device owned or leased by Client, and (ii) A member version to be installed on a maximum of ten Group Member P.C.s.
The Administrator will enter on his version the names and email addresses of the group members who can use the member version
The Names of the group members granted use of the Member version will be shown on the Control Panel of the Administrator version.

Except As So Far Mentioned Above; Namely in Respect Of Copying The Member version On the Members P.C.'s Up to A Maximum of ten, The Client will not: Copy, in whole or partially, the program or documentation; modify the Application; De-compile or Disassemble all or any portion of the Application, Lease, Distribute, Or Create derivative Products of the Application.

All licensed materials, including the structure and design of individual programs, either the one to be installed on the Administrator P.C or that to be installed on the team members, constitute confidential information and/or copyrighted materials of the Vendor.
Client promises not to allow to be known, provide, or otherwise disburse such confidential information or copyrighted material in any form to others without the prior written consent of the Vendor.
Client promises to utilize reasonable protection measures to protect such confidential information and materials protected by copyright law.
Title to Application and documentation will remain solely with Vendor.

Vendor warrants that
(i) As long as the User has not deleted the Java run-time environment from his P.C. , has not installed other programs that may disrupt this application at a later date, and has paid the subscription fee, the Software will operate normally as deemed to have been initially verified and accepted by the user before paying first subscription fee; and
(ii) the Software substantially conforms to its stated features and specifications.
Except for the above, the Application is provided AS IS.
In no event does Vendor warrant that the Application is totally free from errors or bugs that may show up at unforeseen conditions of use or input or that Client will be able to operate the Application without disruption or interruptions that may result in from other programs installation of which is beyond the scope of the Package.

This warranty does not apply if the Application or part of it (a) has been changed or modified, except by Vendor, (b) has not been installed, operated, or maintained in conformity with recommended rules for guidance provided by Vendor, (c) other programs interfering with, blocking or disrupting the program have been installed at a latter date.

With The Exception of what is specified in this warranty, all Explicit or Implicit Conditions, representations, and warranties, including but not limited to, any implied assurance of fitness for an ordinary or a particular purpose, or arising from a course of dealing, usage, or trade practice, are abandoned to the extent permitted by pertinent Law.

In no case shall Vendor be liable for any Claims for Loss of Revenue, Profit, or Data, or for Direct, Indirect, Subsequent, Subsidiary, or Exemplary Damages however caused or claimed to have been caused and irrespective of any justification of Legal Obligation resulting from the Use or inability to use the Application even if we had been notified of probable occurrence of such damages and their associated costs.
In no event will Vendor's liability to Client exceed the price that was paid by Client for the last period. The above limitations will apply even if the warranty fails of its essential purpose.

The above warranty does not apply to any any Free Trial version, or any software for which Client does not pay for a license fee. All such products are provided "As is" without any warranty whatsoever.

Expiration and Termination This License Agreement is effective until expired. Client may terminate this License at any time by deleting all versions of the Application including any documentation.
This License will expire immediately without notice from Vendor if Client fails to abide to any condition of this License, or fails to pay the periodical subscription fee on the due date. Upon termination, Client must delete all versions of Application; namely the Administrator version and the member versions.

Pertinent Law The Application License Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted as per Local and International Laws.

Published April 02, 2014