Our Time Tracking Application is designed to facilitate both the Administrator and Staff job of recording and tracking the time spent in different projects. It has a focus on team work and not just a single user. And this is the competitive advantage it has over similar products on the web.
The Package includes two separate Programs; one to be installed on The Administrator P.C. and the other to be installed on each member in the Group or team.
The passing of data to and from the Administrator P.C. and the Group members P.C.'s is made through the Internet and does not require an in-house network.
Most suitable for Consulting Groups who bill Employers on an hourly basis.

This time tracking application requires Windows (any) and Java

The manager seeks information to understand what is taking place. He seeks information in order to detect changes and to identify problems hindering progress and opportunities to improve performance. Observing current activity of employees is therefore essential. In addition to that, he needs historical information in order to analyze, and take decisions. Examples of decisions arising from tracking employees include assignment of additional work to an executive, Re-allocation of staff to different projects.

Advantages for Managers
and Administrators

  • Pass a List of required Projects or Activities to all Group members and update it when required.
  • Track Staff activities and view their time sheets at the time it is filled in.
  • At any moment you can see who is working in which project.
  • Collect all members Time sheets, updated to the hour.
  • Easily export data to an Excel File.
  • Data can easily be used in billing Employers as well as paying staff.
  • Improve performance by viewing reports on:
    • A Bar Chart showing Worked Hours spent in different activities/Projects
    • A Bar Chart showing Worked hours spent by every member in the Group
    • A Pie Chart showing Idle Time for all staff members who use the application.

Advantages for Team Members

  • Record your activities easily on the go, by selection from a preset list.
  • Ensure that there would be no time spent in an Activity or Project and not passed to the Administration for payment.
  • Stop bothering about time sheets filling and submitting to an Administrator.
  • Record your Leave days, Off days, and sick days.
  • Collaborate with others
  • Real-Time reporting of problems

Advantages for Employers

You may run the time tracking application as an Administrator and
  • Ensure that Payment is made for actual time spent by employees on projects.
  • Improve value of the money spent by improving the allocation of work within the team.
  • Track staff activities and analyze actual capacity of each employee in the team
  • Track unproductive time and assess the performance of each employee in the team
Time Tracking Application

The Control Panel for the Administration
Individual Daily Activities and Monthly summary can be seen. Monthly Time Records can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel File.

Time Tracking Staff members activities

Sample Report of unproductive time for a Member which calls for coordination and proper timing the finish of one task by a member to coordinate with others, to reduce waiting time.

Who can use this software?
This software can be used in many industries, including those employing hourly workers and those professionals who bill their customers by the hour, such as consultants, lawyers and accountants.

Does it need Staff Training to use the program?
The answer is definitely No. The tracker is intended to automate the process of recording when, for how long and what tasks are performed. For the employee it is just a matter of three clicks:

That is it. However the employee can add a comment - if he wishes - to pass on to management
For the manager, it might require more to track staff activities or to generate reports. But all can be explored in less than half hour. You can have the application running in less than an hour. Taking into consideration that passwords will be emailed to users and that mail delivery time differs between servers, and depending on the volume of emails sent at that time.

Can the program track employees at multiple locations?
Yes. You can track employees working in different locations as long as they have the program and using it.

How Safe is the passing of data between Manager and sub-ordinates?
The manager will decide who can use the software. He will send a password to each user. He can delete a user from the list. Probable intrusion by non listed or deleted employees is close to zero.

How does our pricing compare with other solutions?
Alternative solutions may charge on different basis. The average market price is $10 monthly per user. Incremented for single person tracker and a bit decremented for more than 10 users. If our packages pricing is converted to their basis, it would be $5.8 monthly per person for the P5 package, decremented to $4.9 monthly per person for the P10 package.
In other words, we can say it is $1.16 / person / project / month for the P5 package, and 49 cents / person / project / month for the P10 package
However, for the single user it is only $5 monthly as it has no administration interface. The single user package is available at our other web site Tracking Consultant Time. It has 7 days free trial.

What is our competitive advantage?
If we leave the price aside, we consider the real time monitoring of employee activities as our technical competitive advantage, as far as we know, at this time.

Do we offer same features offered by other programs?
We can not say that. Every solution provider offers features he considers to be important, and leaves what he thinks is not so important. It would be wise to buy what you need and not to pay for features you might never use. However, as far as we know, the real-time tracking is a unique feature in our packages.


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