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Privacy Statement


Privacy Statement By Misronet.info

  1. This privacy statement covers how we deal with data collected and received about users. It is deemed that visitors to WWW.Misronet.info as well as subscribers to the service provided agree to the terms of this statement
  2. Misronet.info shall be referred to as Vendor, and Administrator. version user shall be referred to as Client, while Group members shall be referred to as Users.
  3. Nothing whatsoever in this statement shall limit, exclude or prejudice, or be construed as a waiver of, any right or freedom that Vendor may have under applicable law.

Data collection

  1. Client agrees that Vendor may collect data about Client and Users namely their email addresses which shall be used to establish a connection between Administrator P.C and Members P.C.'s
  2. Client and Users agree on the following:
    1. Vendor's manipulation of Client Details and such other data for the purposes of (a) providing the Service, (b) improving or modifying the Service and notifying Client about that, (c) replying to Client's communications and contacting Client, (e) performing Vendor's obligations under the Agreement, (f) exercising and enforcing Vendor's rights, (g) statistics and other analysis;
    2. Vendor will not disclose Client data to any third party, except when (a) explicitly permitted by Client, (b) required by law, or (c) necessary to perform Vendor's obligations under the Agreement or to pursue its legal rights.

Client and Users Data

  1. Vendor assures that Client data are manipulated securely and in accord with applicable law.
  2. Vendor shall only be considered a controller of the routing between the Administrator and Group Members. However, the routing shall be blocked upon failure by Customer to pay the agreed periodical fee of the service.
  3. In all events where Vendor is allowed to disclose Client Details to third parties, it will, as far as possible, take reasonable measures to ensure that the person to whom data are disclosed grants Client rights that are - to a reasonable extent - similar to those stated here with respect to the manipulation of Client Details (including the right to be informed about the data maintained on Client and the right to correct or have corrected incorrect or misleading data). Notification
  4. Vendor reserves the right to contact Clients about issues related to the Service, such as announcements and reminders.
  5. All requests, inquiries, complaints and other communications that Client might wish to address to Vendor be submitted via the appropriate form of Vendor's website or sent to the following email: [email protected]
  6. Payment for the service shall be made through third party - or parties - who may request credit card data that shall not be accessible to Vendor, and manipulation of such data remains the sole responsibility of the party that process payments.

Change of statement

  1. This privacy statement and all matters relating to Vendor's data manipulating activities or concerning Users Data shall be governed by the law pertinent to the Terms of Service.
  2. This privacy statement may be altered or modified at any time as the case may necessitate. Such revisions will be posted on WWW.misronet.info and will take effect as of the time it is posted.