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Frequently Asked Questions

1 . General Questions:

1.1 Who can use Group Time Tracking Application?

Group Time Tracking Application is most suitable for Providers of service on hourly basis; e.g. Programmers, Consultants, Lawyers..etc

1.2 Why should I subscribe to download the tracking application free trial ?

It is important to record the start of the trial period of the Application, and open a node for connecting P.C's of the Administration and employees.

1.3 Should all Team members subscribe?

No. Only the Administrator will subscribe with us and it will be up to him to enter the staff data and activate their connection with his computer

1.4 Can I make copies of the downloaded files?

Yes For the member version which has to be installed on each member computer and No, for the Administration version which has to be installed on a single computer.

1.5 Can I upgrade from One Time Tracking Package to the Other?

For the time being each time tracking package is a separate product. The number of employees will govern the decision as to which subscription package suits the size of the business.

1.6 Can other users see time sheets of each other?

No. Only the admin will have this facility. He can see all staff time sheets.

1.7 Will users view the generated reports about performance?

No. Only the admin will view these reports.

1.8 Can users work offline?

No. The programs needs to check the subscription status when user first open it. If it can't verify a valid status, it will lock. Also it needs the connection in order to pass data to the administrator P.C. in real time

1.9 Can I install the application on tablet?

No. The application is a Desktop application.

1.10 Can a user run his version of the program if he was deleted by admin?

No. His version will be locked as soon as admin deletes him from the list.

1.11 How Do I register as a member to access the Members Area?

Membership is made for every subscriber upon subscription. In that area he can check the status of his subscription. Membership is only for admins,i.e; not for their team.

2. Technical Questions

2.1 What are system requirements to run Group Time Tracking Application?

The application requires Windows vista / Windows 7 / or 8 and it also requires Java.

2.2 How do I verify if Java is installed on my P.C.?

All can be done at the Java official site. They will verify that. If it is not installed, you can download it and install it from there. It is Free

2.3 How can a user record a vacation and presumably he would be unable to access the program then?

The next day or any day after, the user can open the monthly record. He can record non working days and select whether that was a sick leave, annual leave or day off.

2.4 How the P.C.'s are connected?

Connection is established through a node on our site

2.5 What kind of Data pass from Administration computer to stadd computers ?

The Administrator will pass the list of activities or projects that needs to be worked and the list of team members

2.6 What Kind of information Pass from users P.C.'s to Administration computer?

Entries made by each member will pass to the Administrator computer upon a mouse click.

2.7 How Often does Data pass from Administrator to Members?

The update is enforced by the member when clicking Update Button on his version

2.8 How Often does Data pass from Members to Administrator?

The update is made upon request by the Administrator of any member data

2.9 Can I add users and projects on the go or shold I identify the five or ten at the beginning?

Yes. Users and projects can be added and deleted within the maximum limit of the selected package.

2.10 Shall users enter the time in hours and minutes?

No This is auto recorded when they click the start or stop buttons

3. Payment Questions

3.1 What payment options are there?

FastSpring.com - our payment facilitator - accepts Credit Cards as well as Pay-Pal

3.2 Do I have to give Credit Card info to download the free trial?

NO. Trial period is offered at our site. FastSpring.com starts dealing with the subscription at the end of the Trial period

3.3 Where can I find the Payment button?

At the end of the Free Trial period you will be prompted at the application to click the subscribe button that will redirect you to FastSpring.com This is to ensure that you have tested the application before you start the paid subscription.

3.4 How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancellation of subscription can be made at any time. You will not be charged the next monthly fee. Cancellation should be made directly with FastSpring.com who will inform us

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