Time Tracking Application

Billing Employers and Paying Staff on hourly basis

How Group Time Tracking works?

This time tracking application enables data flow between management and staff. It is not in anyway a spying on employees. Only data entered by the employee in respect of the current task being acted on shall pass on to management. In addition to its intended purpose of tracking employees time, it is a unique tool for observation by management and follow up.
Time Tracking Application

  • The competitive advantage of This Time Tracking Application is being designed for a team work not a single user.
  • Our Time Tracking Application has two user interfaces, one for the Administration and the other for the members.
  • Activation of the Member versions is controlled by the Administrator who shall determine who can use the time tracking application.
  • The Time Tracking Application will generate and send a password to each member at the email address entered by the Administrator.
  • Each member shall enter - in his version - the email of the Administrator , his own email, and the password he received.
  • A connection is then established between the Administration and Group members.
  • Data entered by the Administrator can be seen on the Members P.C's in a "View Only Mode". In other words, users can not modify the Project list
  • Data entered by each Member can be seen on The Administration P.C. in a "View Only Mode".

As a Time Tracking Administrator

  • You will input the Group Members (users) data and the Project List data and update each when required.
  • You can View the current activity of each user, as well as daily and monthly records.
  • You can view generated comparison charts. Compare the time spent on each project and the non productive time of each user
  • You can print any produced output table, or graph.
  • You can export each produced Table to an Excel file to be used making payments to staff or billing a client.

As A Team Member

  • Each member can start recording his activities for the day by selecting the project or activity he would work in, and click 'start' button. Upon finishing or pausing an activity he would click ''Stop' button.
  • You can input a comment on each activity to be viewed by the administration when required. The Comment can be a justification of delay, a request of information, ..
  • Annual Leave, Days Off and Sick days can be marked easily on the Monthly sheet.
  • You can view the monthly time record that will be used in payments.
  • You do not have to type that much. You will only make selection and mouse clicks
System Requirements for Group Time Tracking Application

  • Windows (any above X P) on both Administrator P.C as well as user P.C.
  • Java Run-time Environment J R E 6 or later (You can download it free from Java web site).
  • Internet Connection for the Administration and all Members.
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